20 Pool Shade Solutions to Keep You Cool Over The Summer

20 Pool Shade Solutions to Keep You Cool Over The Summer

Having a swimming pool at home or on any property is quite convenient, whether for enjoyment, relaxation, or throwing a party. It allows you to spend quality time with your family without having to leave the house, and it also serves as a kid-friendly hangout spot. Spending too much time in the sun and being exposed to damaging UV rays, on the other hand, can result in serious sunburn or, worse, skin cancer.

If you choose to have pool shades placed, you may enjoy yourself without worrying about sun damage. It provides good protection even when exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time, which is especially important if you live in a harsh area. Other reasons to install pool shades include the following:

Keeps the pool at a comfortable temperature

Heat from the sun is not directly in touch with the pool water if you have put a pool shade.


Pool shades are an excellent technique to keep your swimming pool hidden from your neighbor’s terrace.

Avoid Skin Problems

Skin irritation or injury is caused by the combination of sun exposure and chlorine in the water.

Maintains the pool’s cleanliness

There is no opportunity for bird droppings or other unwanted trash to get into the shaded pool.

Up to Update

Pool shading may be a huge upgrade or poolside addition to make your pool area aesthetically pleasant if your pool area is getting monotonous and out of style.

Do you have plans to add pool shading in the near future? Here are some of the greatest pool shade options that are personalized to your needs and style:

Shade Sail

Pool Shade Solutions to Keep You Cool Over The Summer Shade Sail

There are many other types of pool shades available, but none are as attractive or as cost-effective as a custom-made Shade Sail.

In the 1980s, the Shade Sail was invented in Australia as a quick and inexpensive solution to generate shade. Fast forward to now, and you can now purchase architecturally designed Shade Sails that serve as eye-catching focal points in their own right.

Shade sails produce a lot of shade and so assist to keep outdoor areas cool. You may also use a waterproof PVC fabric to shield yourself from the rain. Shade Sails are the greatest of both design and function, and they look great in any situation!

By placing a Shade Sail in your own house, you can create a focal point that will assist to improve the overall appearance of your outdoor space.

A Shade Sail is normally made of high-quality shade-cloth fabric, and is inspired by yacht sail construction techniques. The sail is drawn tight with stainless-steel wire edge, fasteners, and fittings to make a sturdy and resilient canopy. To make a single Shadeform Sail, each panel is stitched, sewed, or welded together in 3D using computer software. The ultimate product is a tear-resistant sail with nearly no droop and negligible puckering. Depending on the fabric you pick, warranties can last up to 15 years.

Retractable Sail

Pool Shade Solutions to Keep You Cool Over The Summer Retractable Sail

A retractable sail is composed of the same high-quality shade fabric as a fixed Shade Sail and hence offers the same level of weather protection. There are waterproof fabric alternatives, and each Retractable Sail may be custom-made to fit a specific space. Shadeform’s Retractable Sail, the Shaderunner®, is a one-of-a-kind and highly effective solution that has been improved over a decade.

Pulleys and stainless-steel support wires allow the Shaderunner® to glide in and out. Shade is dragged in and out using a simple rope system. A wireless push-button remote is one of the motorized choices available.

The Shaderunner® is the ideal option for pools and patio areas since it allows you to move the Shade in and out as needed. When it’s hot outdoors, you may raise the Sail to lower the temperature and keep the outside regions cool. Then, when the weather cools, you may pull back the shade and allow the sunlight and warmth in.

The Shaderunner® is an excellent all-around performer with several advantages. All-in-one shade, pool heating, evaporation prevention, and protection from dangerous UV rays!

Permanent Outdoor Umbrella

Pool Shade Solutions to Keep You Cool Over The Summer Permanent Outdoor Umbrella

A Permanent Outdoor Umbrella is the gold standard when it comes to pool shade structures, and it’s a terrific alternative. The key advantage is that they can protect up to 50m2 with just one support column. Furthermore, Outdoor Umbrellas feature a minimalist appearance that complements modern homes perfectly. Because of these attributes, the Permanent Outdoor Umbrella blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. A Permanent Outdoor Umbrella is the ideal set-and-forget option for high levels of sun and rain protection.


Pool umbrellas aren’t all made equal. It’s a night and day difference between a normal market umbrella and a Flexshade® Permanent Outdoor Umbrella. A modest independent weight, or occasionally none at all, is used to support a market umbrella. Market umbrellas must fold down or be removed at the first sight of breeze, which is a less than ideal circumstance.

A Permanent Outdoor Umbrella, on the other hand, is supported by a big concrete base (typically 1cbm or more) excavated into the earth. The umbrella is now a permanent installation that can resist cyclonic winds. This implies that if you get a Permanent Umbrella, you won’t have to bother about it for a long time. There is relatively little upkeep, which gives you peace of mind.

Custom Pool Shade

The sky’s the limit when utilizing a flexible fabric like shade-cloth or PVC fabric! You can create almost any shading design you desire, no matter what your needs are. A fabric canopy may be configured in a variety of ways thanks to bespoke powder-coated steel framework. Roof configurations such as skillion, barrel-vault, apex, and others are all feasible.


Pergolas are an excellent alternative if you don’t want to shade the pool but still want to be protected from the sun. Pergolas are semi-permanent structures that are ideal for use in the sun. They give enough shade and light to cover your pool while also serving as a beautiful visual focal point. You will, however, require a large amount of room in your backyard to construct one. Helioscreen’s vario pergola has the advantage of being able to be built using wall or ceiling brackets and not requiring a traditional foundation because it is supported by 60x60mm square front posts.

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning is one practical way for providing shade and weather protection for your pool. A fully automated motorised retractable awning allows you to extend it when you need shade and retract it when you don’t. It gives you quick shade without making you break a sweat!

Retractable awnings are fantastic because they can completely cover your pool, providing optimum sun protection while also keeping debris out. You should consider installing a retractable awning if you want a pool shade that has both design and practicality built in. However, the comfort you get from this shading comes at a cost, since it frequently need extensive maintenance.

Retractable Roof

A retractable roof may be used as a pool cover to create an interior atmosphere and provide an all-in-one solution for heat, rain, and light management while also adding architectural elegance to your house. It has the ability to convert the pool area into an indoor pool that may be used all year. Helioscreen retractable roofs are resistant to weather.

The ability to fold it away at the stroke of a button ensures convenience, allowing customers to get the most out of their pool area by providing the most flexibility in terms of opening and closing the system. Retractable roofs are made of architectural quality aluminum and stainless steel components to ensure smooth operation and long life. With programmable timers, sun and wind sensors, and programmable timers, this type of shading is convenient, quick to use, and elegant, but it is also quite expensive and takes a lot of care.

Retractable Sunroof

This option includes a dynamic sun protection system that provides you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy the pool area while maintaining the building’s outside appeal and inside view. Typically, a retractable sunroof is used to shade large, square or rectangular regions. The awning is stretched by a built-in positive lift that draws the fabric out and allows it to be stopped in any position.


Canopies are the best choice for large above-ground and temporary pools since they can cover the whole pool as well as the surrounding regions. Instant canopies are inexpensive, portable, and simple to put up. When you need shade, you can raise them up, and when you don’t, you can collapse them. They are efficient in blocking the sun’s heat. They do, however, have a limited amount of room and are not suitable for big in-ground pools.

You may spend as much time as you like in an amazing outdoor environment like your pool area with any of the pool covering solutions described above! Just remember to research your alternatives thoroughly, especially when it comes to constructing permanent pool shade structures. Choose the one that best suits your home, pool, and budget. For your outside settings, you may choose from a range of Helioscreen outdoor shade options.

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