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Adorable and Classic Vintage Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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Some individuals want to decor their home in vintage or antique farmhouse style. Whether it’s furniture, wall art or a random knick-knack, not all home accessories can be identified as an “antique,” also if it’s at an antique store, neither is everything vintage, or also retro, for that matter. Here’s the low down on the differences in between “antique,” “vintage,” “retro,” or “collectible” home decor.

What is Antique, Anyway?

Any thing that is a minimum of 100 years old is thought about an “antique.” This relates to furniture, garments, home accessories, paintings, old ranch equipment-you name it. If it’s at the very least 100 (yet no, your fantastic auntie does not count,) then it’s an antique.

After that Exactly what is “Vintage,” “Retro” or even “Collectible” Mean?
The real definition of what’s identified as vintage, retro or collectible could vary from one person to another, from dealership to dealership. There is a big team that feel the terms use as adheres to:

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