Apartments in Attractive Neutral and Texture Colors

Living in an apartment has already been a lavish for many folks, than have you ever imagined to dwell in a luxurious apartment design? Do not only dream about it, and you need to make it come true with a few apartment designs in neutral color and rich texture images which can open you sophisticated dimension to keep at.

Let us start in the living room design ! The opening could be fantastic having a spacious apartment living room, which appears dull in gray wallpaper with vertical stripe design. In addition, to talk about all of the stunning view outside, it is designed with open program coated with lace-curtain notion. Sectional couch in various tone happens directly in the center of this room with black throw cushions that provide feel on the seating. Another living room looks in tasteful style of creamy tone with borderless dining space apart.

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Then, how can you decorate the hallway? Placing a large framed girl face painting onto the floor leaning on the wall is this a seductive approach to distract attention. Bamboo wallpaper combined with bamboo partition provides amazing perfect appearance to the interior with a different glass partition tufted pouf in candy brown color.

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Aside of this hallway, super big painting or graphic leaned on the wall is also suitable for bedroom living room. It steals the eyes urban style without even doing much work. Adding refreshing attribute in the room is somewhat easy, as you’ve got potted plants in certain corner. Subsequently, wall combination of brick and vinyl can provide awesome texture you have to try in your home!