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Awesome Modern Apartment With Open Plan Living


Yeah it is cool rely on your busy pursuits and restricted times. It is no longer challenging to enjoy the diverse perspective of the surrounding in the event that you’ve got a open plan dwelling idea. In this opportunity, I want to reveal a fantastic modern apartment with open plan living in Kharkov. Do not miss it!

The ceiling feel with light provides contemporary appearance to the total nuance. The sheer curtain design keeps seducing to appear outside the room. Additional with stain pillar close to the seating makes it seems the real newest apartment design. Grey velvet sofa seems really matching to put upon a creamy sterile area rug. It is only melting together with all the nuance along with the white crossed leg coffee table. Additional with greenery, the designer will offer refreshing decoration into the interior.

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Textured background against the seating is stunning in black variant. The black dining table appears simple but luxurious lopped with double small pendant lamps. Extended out of the kitchen cabinet, it reveals the way the modern apartment design functions effectively for space saving idea.

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The mirrored column dazzles the prognosis with unique manifestation. It is also good to walk along the hallway filled with glistening beadboard and sliding doors. Contrast nuance is introduced from the bedroom that is designed in tropical appearance. It is filled with floral design in motley colors. With branch layout into the mattress and green area rug, it looks like the character that lushes in a private apartment of Kharkov. Would you need it?