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Beautiful DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

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Do you respect the Hanging gardens of Babylon that is the among the seven wonders of the ancient world? Perhaps we can’t replicate the grandeur of these hanging gardens, but we could design a unique hanging planter by ourselves. Hanging planters are really simple to make and also very affordable. You do not need to get a beautiful basket out of a shop, some substances you have in your home or you do not use it anymore would be the best pickings. By way of instance, the obsolete birdcage or old bottles could be just manufactured as a planter. Additionally, these hanging planters made from old bottles or birdcage with flowers in it could make your garden or room much more beautiful than ever. What’s more, hanging planter can spare space to your room when bring attractiveness. Here are 28 beautiful DIY Hanging Planter ideas which may allow you to start with the hanging planter project. Have fun…

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