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Ideas for Stunning Small Kitchens


Cape cuisine

Rebuild in an endeavor to maintain the time appearance of this 1932 Cape Cod, the attention to detail has been the way to draw on the intricate brackets paid kind and tray.

Glittering Galley

The old closet doors which were formerly in the galley kitchen, yet another painting couldn’t take, so that gave homeowners a design specialist for a comprehensive overhaul. Scraped maple floors and simple furnishings using a boulder hardware provide the room a clean, uncluttered feel.

Light and bright

Wonderful light and dark English sycamore trim complement in custom cabinets, creating a brassy, but natural equilibrium.

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Space-saving feeling

The proprietors of this American Bungalow desired to create their exotic small kitchen. Dark cabinets with brown-black tiger striping creates a sleek, modern appearance, while the light hard surface backsplash produces a powerful contrast. The design makes the most of hardly any disk using a Wenge butcher block, which slides across the sink. A dining table makes it feasible to slip an eight-seater below the island when not in use.

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Brilliant mudguard

Optical isolation between rooms was maintained with a island breakfast bar. Put the sink in the corner of this room created for food prep space, whereas brushed and polished stainless steel tiles are a excellent splash.