Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House

When you live in a tiny house, every inch counts. Your bathroom will be quite tiny in comparison to your kitchen, loft bedroom, or living room. And, despite the fact that you will need to keep a lot of toiletries and other items, cumbersome bins and storage cabinets will take up valuable floor space. Medicine cabinets and other vertical solutions are the way to go.

So, how do you go about picking a medicine cabinet for a tiny home? It makes no difference whether you have a built-in medicine cabinet or a wall-mounted one as long as you take accurate measurements of the available space in your bathroom. A vertical bathroom cabinet that doubles as a mirror or serves as a stylish d├ęcor item is also an option.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Tiny House

Medicine and bathroom cabinets may have gone out of vogue in recent years, but they appear to be returning with tiny residences. With no large countertop or drawers to keep toiletries in, these wall-mounted organizing gadgets can truly maximize vertical space.

Sockets in the bathroom are perfect for storing little items like make-up and toiletries. Despite its name, medicine cabinets should not be used to store medicine due to their sensitivity to dampness.

When searching for a medicine cabinet, measure the available wall space. Writing down everything you want to store in your bathroom cupboard will also help you calculate how many shelves you need.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House - medicine cabinet with a mirror
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Find a medicine cabinet with a mirror

Any tiny house bathroom needs multi-purpose storage options. A medicine cabinet with a clear mirror may be hung on the wall or behind the shower. It beats having everything on the ground.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House - medicine cabinet with more storage

A cupboard with more storage levels

Some pre-built medicine cabinets only have two storage levels, which may not be adequate for your needs. Verify that your pick gives enough storage space.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House - Swing Door Medicine cabinet

Swing Door Medicine cabinet

The swing door functions similarly to a standard cabinet with one hinged side. When put over a pedestal sink, swing door cabinets look fantastic.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House - Side Wall Medicine cabinet

Side Wall Medicine cabinet

The side wall cabinets are longer and higher than the other designs and are positioned in a location other than over the sink. Larger items, such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, can be stored in these.

Tips Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House - Tri View Medicine cabinet

Tri View Medicine cabinet

Three panels make up a tri-view medicine cabinet. In some models, the central part is only a mirror, with the two side sections open for storage, while in others, all three sections are open for storage. This sort of cabinet is ideal for several people. One side might be his, while the other is hers – alternatively, in most houses, both sides are hers, and his stuff ends up in the garbage!

Styles that are surface mounted are simply hung on the wall and fixed into studs. Recessed or semi-recessed medicine cabinets take a little longer to plan and install, but they have a neater appearance.

The placement of the mirror is adjustable in all kinds of medicine cabinets. Choose between a simple mirror on the outside of a closed door, a mirror on the back of the cabinet inside, or a mirror on both the inside and outside of the door, allowing for mirror viewing when the cabinet is open. Mirrors provide extra mirror space without the need to purchase a larger medicine cabinet. Choose from double-mirrored doors, magnifying mirrors that swing out, sliding doors, triple doors, or even heated mirrors that allow you to see yourself even through steam.

Medicine cabinets come in a variety of sizes and textures, ranging from natural wood to metal. Non-mirrored variants are also available for purely storage purposes. Remember that medicine cabinets are in a high-trafficked area, so don’t store anything you wouldn’t want people to see in them!


Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Medicine Cabinet For Tiny House

Storage capacity

When choosing a medicine cabinet, the first thing to consider is storage capacity. Extra space and storage are always welcome in any bathroom, mainly due to the number of family members that share it. Many medicine cabinets come with shelves inside so you can simply store goods out of sight.

It can be mounted on the wall

When choosing a medicine cabinet, consider how quickly it can be mounted on the wall. Many people store their cabinets above the sink, so make sure it has all the essential cabinet to mount it to the wall. The cabinet is conveniently located over the sink for shaving, teeth brushing, and facial cleansing.


If you decide to put the medicine cabinet over the sink, choose one with a mirrored front. Mirrors in the bathroom are useful for grooming in the morning, and if your bathroom is tiny, a mirrored cabinet may quickly provide the appearance of a larger and brighter space.

Sliding doors

Once you’ve chosen a cabinet, it’s time to consider its additional features. It may be anything from sliding doors to ones that open in front of you, but you should be conscious of the size of your bathroom to ensure the cabinet doors open comfortably.

Lit inside

Some cabinets also have lit inside. This is a useful feature that allows you to see all of the objects in your cabinet without straining your eyes.

Finally, while you may like a wooden cabinet, it may not fit your existing bathroom furnishings if you have a modern bathroom.

How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Here are some suggestions for organizing your medicine cabinet for tiny house:

Code Color

Why not color code your medicines? Assort your family’s medicines by color. Brands can be classified individually, or medicines might be colored to distinguish them by date and time of administration. It’s all up to you. You are the best person to color code your medicines.

Medicine containers

A medicine cabinet may get cluttered, especially if the medicines aren’t properly stored in separate containers. Organize your medicines into various containers based on their shape. For example, all pills and liquid medicines will be kept in separate containers.

It will be easy to discover and retrieve a medicine if you already know where it is. These days, many medicine containers are for sale. You may get them in a department store or a store. You may also DIY if you choose.

Label each container

Your medicines will be hard to find even if they are stored separately in separate containers.

Don’t forget to label each container with the appropriate category. Label each container clearly.

Labeling containers doesn’t have to be hard. Simply cut a little piece of paper to fit the container’s front and mark it with a pen. You may also get creative and add color, stickers, and charming embellishments on the container or label to beautify the space.

Keep your medicine cabinet clean

Keep your medicine cabinet clean. You must continuously check for expired or damaged medicines and discard them. Of course, you must also properly dispose of each outdated medicine according to the label’s instructions.

Cleaning your medicine cabinet removes dust and grime. This will keep your medicines fresh.

Honestly, cleaning your medicine cabinet often will keep it from smelling terrible, especially with outdated medicines that are not thrown away. Aside from that, it keeps your medicines potent.

Enough space

However, filling up your medicine cabinet to the point where your hands can’t move is inconvenient.

To keep your medicine cabinet neat and orderly, don’t overstock it with stuff that don’t belong there. Even the placement of the containers should be considered to avoid a chaotic effect.

Organizing your medicine cabinet isn’t as hard as you think. Keep in mind these fundamental tips.


What is a medicine cabinet called?

A medicine cabinet, sometimes referred to as a bathroom cabinet, is a storage space located near the bathroom sink. They are often meant to carry daily grooming items such as toiletries, prescriptions, and hygiene products.

What is the standard medicine cabinet size?

What is the standard size of a medicine cabinet? There is no such thing as a standard size. Medicine cabinets are available in widths ranging from 14 inches (for recessed models) to 65 inches (for wall-mount installation over double vanities).

Why is medicine cabinet in bathroom?

A medicine cabinet, which usually hangs above the bathroom sink or vanity, is used for more than just storing pills and first-aid supplies. It can also assist in keeping a bathroom clean.

How high should the medicine cabinet be over the sink?

Just make sure it’s at eye level for the bulk of the people who will be using it. You should hang it a few inches above the sink, roughly 5-10″ above the faucet. Of course, you’ll want to place it in the middle of the sink. You’re ready to go medicine cabinet shopping now that you have this information!

Is it permissible to store medicine in the bathroom?

If you’re like the majority of people, you keep your medicine in a bathroom cabinet. Your medicine, however, may be damaged by the heat and moisture from your shower, bath, and sink. Your medicines may lose their potency or go bad before their expiration date. Heat and moisture may easily destroy pills and capsules.

These are some essential reviews for Medicine Cabinet For Tiny House; perhaps, this post will help you make your medicine cabinet more efficient and comfortable.